Student Work: Genius Lyrics

We all get the lyrics wrong sometimes. Genius ensures that you don't.

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Print / OOH

Genius x Carpool Karaoke Preroll
These Genius branded clips from James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" will play before music related content on Youtube.

Genius x Shazam
Shazam allows people to find the song and artist, but that's it. A Genius popup would appear on the Shazam app, asking if they want to learn more about the song and artist.

Genius x Elton John Farewell Tour

Genius Karaoke Pop-Up Bar
This Genius branded karaoke experience will be available to existing karaoke bars. As people sing and get lyrics wrong, you can use the iPads to look up the songs and learn in depth knowledge about them.

(Wrong) Lyric Coffee Table Book

Copywriter: Julia Scoper

Student Work: Lenscrafters

Getting your first pair of prescription eyeglasses is like seeing a whole new world. Even the mundane becomes incredible.
Silver, Integrated Campaign, Richmond Ad Show 2019
Bronze, Print, Richmond Ad Show 2019



TV Scripts

Instagram Videos


In-store Signage

Copywriter: Stevenson Cerrillo
Photographer: Gracie Hagen
Strategist: Cara Coffin